Gentlemen, are you emotionally cultured?


Being unaware of how you feel, or denying how you feel, or being unable to articulate how you feel, are signs that you need to understand your emotional interior better.

Spend some time learning to identify your feelings. Write them, find the words to describe the shape and the color of your emotions. Don't be afraid to look within yourself, with clear eyes, and face the invisible world within you. It's there for your benefit, after all.

Being unaware of how you feel does not mean you feel fine.

Unaware means you don't know. Being unaware works against you. A man who doesn't know NEEDS TO KNOW. Part of being sufficient and strong in this life means that you can identify what's happening within you. Do the work to identify what is happening within you. Make your awareness a tool that works FOR YOU.

Denying how you feel to yourself or others creates more struggle.

Pushing your feelings down or lying to yourself about them MAKES MORE TROUBLE, not less. You are bound to face some difficult feelings as your day passes- stress, fear, worry. Some really great ones happen as well: gratitude, love, confidence, strength. Denying that you have a feeling element MAKES YOUR THINKING WEAK. YOU NEED TO FACE YOUR INTERIOR DIRECTLY, so that you can metabolize and respond to what is happening within you in the appropriate way.


Saying how you feel is not a sign of weakness. Saying it shows that you know yourself well. It is a sign of STRENGTH, a part of self responsibility. Saying you feel weak, is a signal that you have acknowledged what is happening within you at this moment. It unites you with other human beings. It creates opportunity for you to feel better. Maybe it's appreciation you want to express aloud. DO THAT IN GREAT ABUNDANCE. Appreciate your lady, your kids, your life. We will all be better for it.


Your feelings belong to you. Do not hand them to your wife to handle. Do not blame them on your coworkers. Your avoidance of responsibility shows your weakness. Too much booze and using TV and porn or money or sex or whatever activity to avoid yourself, is not self responsibility, its a sure-fire way to get bit by your own internal processes. Man, everybody feels. Get used to it. They enhance your power, and contain information about living that can be found no where else. Besides, they make you beautiful.



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