Stop saying it over and over again.

What you focus on you magnify.

You give power to the thoughts and feelings you repeat. You can't help it. We all work that way. So stop focusing on your weaknesses and declaring them to be the truth about yourself.

The words you say make an impact on you.
  • I'm afraid

  • I'm angry

  • I can't

  • I need

  • I'll try

  • I never

  • I'm not

These words expose and reinforce what you believe. If you are saying them, you are focused on them. Saying them aloud makes the impression deeper on you. If you are afraid, it's ok. It's something to notice, not reinforce. You can acknowledge the fear and then get to work on rising above your fear. You can observe the sensations within yourself and choose to respond and act in a way that is empowered. Don't stay in the habit of repeating yourself to anyone who will listen. Most importantly, you're listening.

Find your strength and declare it.

Say what you can do. At least to yourself. Say it over and over again. Speak it. Practice believing it. Find a way to make it true for you. Act on it, over and over again! These are the habits you want to focus on. These are the habits you want to build and repeat.

Your thoughts are like a ball that you throw.

Throw the ball hard, the ball goes far. Add feeling to your good thinking! When you are speaking in reference to yourself use some strength when you speak. Focus on the quality you want to magnify within yourself.

  • I will!

  • I can!

  • I'm learning!

  • I desire!

You'll feel it inside, and you can begin to break the bad habits you have formed by thinking and speaking in ways that focus on your weaknesses.

Start today. Look for opportunities to reframe your thinking by focusing on your abilities. Acknowledge your difficulty briefly. Then begin to think and speak in ways that empower you. I'll bet you see a change in your life very quickly!

What you focus on, you magnify.



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