Want vs. desire

"The starting point of all achievement is desire." -Napoleon Hill

Let yourself desire.

Want, if you'll indulge me, is more like trying to get something you don't have.

Desire, is a craving for something that you want to produce, or manifest, or change.

Think about how they feel in your body: want seems kind of pint-sized and limited.

Desire gets the whole organism into motion. It's a deeper sense. More total. What you desire means something to you. Thats the feeling we're after, when we are trying to accomplish something.

Desire is the beginning of the thing itself.

It is your accomplishment in it's earliest form. It's the thing itself, as a feeling.

We have many good desires we don't act on.

Want is for a pair of shoes or a nap. Want is for seeing movies.

Desire is for creation: Getting into shape. Writing a book. Loving your mate. Changing your life. Learning something important. Changing your daily habits. Starting a business.

  • Give your desire a deep attention.

  • Let it produce a flow ideas within you that support it.

  • Go deep. Crave it. FEEL IT!

  • When you act on your desire, let your desire drive you to the highest effort, the highest quality of output you can manage.

  • Let your desire be your inspiration to continue.

  • Show the ones around you your deep desire. It's contagious.

  • Be passionate- that's desire.

Want is for going to the mail box, or the toilet. It's for doing stuff.

When it comes to the more important things and times in life-

Want is smoke.





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