You can work in partnership with me in the following ways:

One to one coaching- we work together for six or twelve months

in weekly or biweekly conversation in person or via video. You have access to any other programs I may offer online or live.


Calls or visits are 90-120 minutes and you have virtually unlimited access to me via text or email at anytime.

It is often the 'in between times' that reveal the most transformation.

The investment ranges from $9000 to $50000 depending on the engagement.

One to one in person intensive- one or two days with me here in Nashville.


Partnerships with me are called

Freedom Sessions


Because in these sessions my clients break free of an old way of being-

and create freedom through a powerful change within...

They come alive.

What changes in their lives?

Only everything-

Inside and out.

You see, it can be AND, not or.

What do we talk about?

Everything.  We look at everything. All of it. 

All the ideas you have. The obstructions to your power.  Your desire to be better.

Your desire from freedom, your dreams. Your relationships. Your business.

Your self judgements. 

Your being. Your inspiration.

How you create yourself is your true power.

Which you is speaking when you act in your world?

  Attention to YOU is requisite if you want to create something different.

Your first action towards this future is an investment in YOU.

I am your gateway to yourself.


What is the basis for my coaching?


Love is deep conversation. 

Love is the basis for rationale.  Love is the foundation of true success.

Love is the cause of everything good. 

Love is power and the motive for change.

And love is commitment.

Your commitment must be total.

For us to work together- you must be ready to love- and ready to act on it.

Everywhere-Starting with you. 


To explore these possibilities- contact Craig.